My new Prada bag reveal, Diagramme crossbody in Begonia pink

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  1. Hi5! I just bought the black flap and I think it’s so classic!!! Love it
  2. Oh no! I wish they could have attached the chain to the leather in a better way considering how much we paid for these! 8-12 weeks to just sew on is such a long wait! Could they do an exchange since you’ve barely used it?
  3. i would DEFINITELY ask to speak with a manager and ask them to replace/exchange the bag instead. I ran into an issue with black marks from the chain strap rubbing off onto my clothes. They told me the same thing, 8-12 weeks for a repair, but i had purchased the bag less than 3 weeks ago. I was adamant that they exchange it for me instead since i'd be sending the bag away for double the amount of time i've even had it for-- and after they received approval from their corporate office, they just did a straight exchange. ;)
  4. Oh wow!!! Thanks, I'll try that! I've had it since May then it broke in July I think. I'll send text my SA to see if they can do that. So bummed.
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