My New Prada bag from Rome

  1. My husband just bought me this Prada Hobo from Rome while he was there for work! I am so happy :yahoo: coz this is my first Prada from Italy, call me corny but I have bought several Prada, Gucci, LVs from Canada and Singapore but never directly from France or Italy. So this bag is special to me! Sorry if I sound stupid! :P I love the Rosso red on the beige jacquard fabric, kinda striking!
  2. That's a stunning bag! Congrats on a great Italia! :yahoo:
  3. you don't sound stupid at all!! I think its sweet and I would feel the same way too. what a great hubster!
  4. Thanks guys! I can't wait till carry it out and parade with it!
  5. nice bag. :smile: i actually have the same feeling when i buy bags in Europe. It feels different.:nuts: ehehe. weird.:roflmfao: but i LOVE that feeling.
  6. I am glad that I am not the only one!

    I forgot to add the picture of the "place of birth" for my new Prada hobo, I just love to keep pictures relating to my bags.:P
  7. Congrats!! He's really sweet! I love it with the red trimmings too!
  8. The red colour is great!
  9. GREAT BAG! I have it in a brown tote version and I love it to death!
  10. poutine, i know this place! This is where i bought my gucci and lv bags. near the spanish steps in Via Condotti, Rome?:graucho:
  11. It's a beauty! Congrats!
  12. Congratulations on your very special Prada hobo bag direct from Italy!! So sweet of your DH. I think the red leather against beige fabric is also stunning!! :smile:
  13. congrats!
  14. Thanks to all for checking out my new Prada!

    Jen, I know how you feel about the bag, :yes: the strap feels comfortable on the shoulder too. I saw the brown trimming leather, it is nice too, actually yours is a classic line whereas mine is a seasonal colour. Unfortunately, the range is still new so there is no sale at all! But it is still cheaper to get it from Italy. :P

    Trishh, yep, you are right, that is the location, the Prada with 2 floors!
  15. That's a beautiful color combo! Love it! :yes:

    And I think it's very cool that it came to you from Italy! :yahoo:

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