My new Prada bag broke, so I made an account so I can complain.

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  1. Hey y'all!

    Long time reader, first time complainer.

    I've been a fan of Prada for awhile now and I always stood by Miuccia, even during SS12 when she came out with THAT collection. You know what I am talking about.

    However, I never bought any Prada bags. None.

    I've always been a diehard Louis Vuitton fan. I love their bags, but I also love how they stand by their products and will replace/offer to repair your bag (I'm currently having work done on my Monceau 28 bag) for free or a fee, of course.

    However, reading endless Purse Forum posts about the quality and other complaints I stumble upon online (i.e. grav3yardgirl Prada drama), I steered away from Prada handbags.

    If I spend over $1k on a bag, I need to be in love with it and I want it to last. I have yet to fall in love with any Prada bag. I had crushes, but I was never in love.

    Earlier this year, I saw the Prada Brique bag. I fell in love. Miuccia decided she wanted my money and she held me at gunpoint with this bag. I love structure handbags, I love bags with handles, and I love a crossbody bag. I want this bag, but it didn't want me...cause it was sold out, lol.

    I searched online, even thought about buying second hand or a similar model. Prada bandoleer bag? Cute, but I wanted an all black bag and the two colorway just wasn't for me. I just really want this bag. But I waited, I want this to be my first Prada bag.

    Fast forward to the present, the bag is available again and it's $1,750. I bought it.

    It came, I fell in love, I wore it everyday for a week...and then it broke. My leather crossbody strap hardware broke.

    The brique bag GODDAMN broke. Well, the strap anyway. Sorry if that was clickbait in the title, the bag itself is fine, it was the strap. I apologize.

    Let's clear up some things:

    • What's in my bag? Literally a cardholder, and my keys. I don't carry anything heavy in my bag nor am I able to with this bag. So, I am not sure why the strap broke other than it being...Prada.
    • Am I rough with my bags? No. If I'm being rough with leather straps, it's in the bedroom not my handbags. I do baby my handbags, but I also enjoy them. For $1,750, I'm going to enjoy the heck out of this bag.
    • Is bullet points necessary? Yes, I love lists.

    Anyway, after spending an hour furious, I mange to insert the nail into the hole then into the clasp, and screw it back together, and now she is good as new...until she breaks on me again. If it does, I'm coming back here to vent again. However, I am also going to go to the Prada store to complain. I'm just going to complain today. I'm kidding...maybe.

    If you read all of this, you're the best and I hope you're having a wonderful day.
    If you skip all of this, and just looked at the photos, then that's cool. LOOK AT MY NEW BABY. ISN'T SHE SO CUTE?

    I still love this bag, but I might just buy a different strap. Maybe a Louis Vuitton strap.

    Thanks for reading!
    Screen Shot 2019-09-01 at 10.04.40 AM.png IMG_2299.jpeg IMG_2300.jpeg
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  2. It's still under warranty if it's within 30 day limit, so it (hopefully) shouldn't be a problem. I understand ur frustration. Prices have skyrocketed for these luxe items, we (still) buy them, but the durability isn't like it was 20 years ago. LV has the same issues, unfortunately. Good Luck with the replacement!
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  3. Definitely go to your nearest Prada store. Problems happen, but this is not your responsibility to fix it.
  4. Thank you for your kind words. I understand LV has issues (Virgil Abloh's collection? Yikes) but I feel like LV would be more better at handling this kind of problem than Prada. Nonetheless, I do intend to get a replacement.
  5. Thank you! I'm just surprised by how fast it broke lol. Oh, Prada.
  6. Thank you for sharing, I’m sorry this happened to you! How incredibly disappointing :confused1::hrmm:hopefully it’s just a one-off faulty strap and you’ll be able to exchange it for a lovely new extremely robust one. Unfortunately, quality issues seem to be emerging with quite a few premium designers - I was surprised to see that there are even issues in the Chanel forum :huh:

    Your post was, however, utterly hilarious and made me laugh out loud (literally) - thanks :biggrin::nuts::P
  7. I have a Gucci Ophidia super mini that broke in the exact same way. It will break again...especially if you shake you legs. Mine did without me knowing it both times. I was frantically searching and awkwardly looking for the screw at a boba place.
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  8. Your bag supposedly has a LIFETIME WARRANTY.....take it back and insist on a replacement or a proper repair. This is JUST TYPICAL, unfortunately, of Prada's PATHETIC, LOUSY, SHODDY, QUALITY CONTROL. You may find that you have to use all your powers of persuasion (and perhaps a little knowledge of consumer law) to get the repair done in a timely fashion though, because Prada is also notorious for pathetic, uninterested, lousy, shoddy customer after sales service. I wish you the very best of luck.

    And I love your original post. :smartass::biggrin::graucho:

  9. ^^^^^^
    What she said. :giggle::giggle::giggle:
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  10. My pleasure! I just wanted to vent and possibly warn anyone who was interested in getting the bag and what may possibly happen to them as well! And I've also perused into the Chanel forum and know EXACTLY what you are talking about. I have not yet purchase Chanel bags yet, just a few SLGs, but for bags over $5k, I expect so much more. Sadly, I don't think these luxury houses care about quality anymore, it's more about quantity and how much they can churn out every season.

    Also, thank you for the compliment LOL. I was quite peeved but also, didn't want to bash Prada, but condemn them in a nice and possibly funny way.
  11. First of all, that bag is so cute! Second, thank you for the warning! I think the mechanics of our bags is just faulty. If you think about it, it's just being held by a tiny screw. When the bag moves, so does the screw, so eventually, it's just keep rotating every now and then until it unscrews itself. I feel like I need to find some metal worksmith to fix this bag if Prada doesn't fixes it.
  12. Thank you for the advice, MissFiggy!

    I love it when someone has the same level of animosity for Prada service/quality as I do, lol. KEEP THOSE ADJECTIVES COMING, AND LET PRADA KNOW HOW DISAPPOINTED WE ARE WITH THEM.

    And rest assure, I will be THAT customer when I go into Prada later this week (I mean, I'm not going to be mean to the SAs because they didn't do anything, but I am going to have a level of demand when I go in. Y'all work on commission for Prada, but I lost $1750 to Prada, so we're basically on the same boat).

    And thank you for the compliment. I'm so happy everyone likes, I thought I wasn't going to be taken seriously lol

    Ugh, wish me luck!
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  13. Happened to my Gucci, they took it back for servicing. Then it broke a 2nd time, 2nd servicing - they replaced all the hardware.

    I'd take it back, any brand worth $1k+ bags should stand by their bags, at least for the first 30 days minimum...if not a lifetime warranty.

    Be firm, be polite, understand the SAs have nothing to do with the terrible hardware (Made in China probs). I usually only escalate if the SAs aren't apologetic, like yes, it's not your fault personally but you represent the brand...just apologize for the shoddy workmanship on behalf of the brand and take it in to fix it.


    ETA: Good luck!
  14. I laughed so hard at the original post, this made my day! Any updates regarding taking it back for a repair?