My new Prada backpack came in

  1. So my new backpack came in from Neiman Marcus. Just a quick question- is it suppose to come with a dustbag? Mine didn't.

    Otherwise, it looks to be perfect for what I'm looking for. Hope it stands up well!
  2. YES! it should of had them and make them send ya one...
  3. Any pictures???:yes:

  4. Just called them. They said that they would look into it and call me back. Here are some pictures:
    prada backpack1.jpg prada backpack2.JPG prada backpack3.JPG
  5. Congratulations on finding your Prada backpack. I hope you get your dustbag.
  6. Congrats!! I hope they send you a dustbag!
  7. Glad you finally got it, it looks pretty roomy. Hope your dustbag will come soon too. =)
  8. Did ya get a dustbag??
  9. not yet. thanks for the reminder. going to harass Neiman Marcus again.
  10. ^ smack them upside the head with your backpack...LOL..Kidding!Make sure you get one...There is NO excuse for them not to send one!
  11. Yes, definitely you are suppose to get one, although sometimes they do forget. If you request one, they will definitely send you happen to me before.
    Congrats! on your very handsome backpack!:wlae:
  12. I have a Prada messenger bag that I bought at Prada in London two years ago and they didn't give me a dustbag... they said that they only came with some bags :s
  13. this is what i was told too, that the nylon prada backpack don't come with dustbag or cloth dustbag. when i bought mine a few years back from the boutique, it just came in a plastic drawstring bag. i am not sure if that has change.
  14. Congrats.