My new prada baby!

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  1. Love the shiny patent leather strap and quilt detailing. And the gold hardware is stunning. It fits perfectly on my shoulders and feels so soft. You wont believe how I can fit tons of stuff in this beauty too! Now I have a shoulder bag LOL All my bags are handheld :yahoo:
    DSC02365.JPG DSC02368.JPG DSC02369.JPG DSC02373.JPG
  2. Congratulations! Shoulder bags are so useful.
  3. Congrats! Adorable bag!
  4. Of course I love it!!!!!!!!!! I like that key chain too!!! Post a modeling pic when you gt a chance..!! Congrats girl!!!!!
  5. Thanks everyone! Will post modelling pics. :yahoo:
  6. :yahoo: Yay, can't wait for the modeling pics! I'm happy for you that you were able to get it. The fabric looks so soft and loooove the gold h/w.

    Great choice! :tup:
  7. Here are the pics. DH was rushing off to work and only had time to take 2 fuzzy pics. Pardon the mismatched outfit lol. I was in my PJs :roflmfao: My yorkie doesnt seem too happy with my new purchase LOL
    prada 2.JPG prada 3.JPG DSC02382.JPG DSC02379.JPG
  8. It looks adorable on u!!!
  9. Very nice choice!
  10. Your dog is adorable!!!

    Great modeling pics. Perfect size for you too :tup:
  11. Congrats on your new bag!!!!

    Your Yorkie is adorable, so cute.
  12. Congratulations.
  13. Thanks everyone! I love my new bag! Boy did she have a stressful day yesterday! First, I was at the mall and it was pouring like crazy outside so i had to run as fast as i could to the car with no umbrella and she held up perfectly in the rain while I was soaking wet! Then came my 3 year old niece who spilt tomato soup on her! I almost fainted but with just a wet cloth, Ms. prada was in true shape and form again. No stain whatsoever! Last but not the least, as I was about to go to sleep I lay her on the couch in our bedroom right beside my husband's desk. As DH was trying to arrange his papers, a pair of scissors fell with its pointed tip right smack into the bag! Help! This was too much for one day of disasters for my new bag. But lo and behold, no scratch, no hole, no nothing! Amazing! I love PRADA!!! My LV bags cant survive any of these!
  14. ^^^well looks like you got the perfect bag just in the nick of time! Glad she pulled through all the trials and tribulations you endured.

    Just goes to show ya that prada rocks!!!!! :rochard:
  15. Congrats!