My new poudre Sloane

  1. couldn't pass up this deal on Overstock ($899!), and I'm glad I didn't. The only thing I can see that might be wrong with it are the faint creases on the side, but I figure those will flatten out with wear. It's such a beautiful color.
    sloane3.jpg sloane6.jpg sloane5.jpg sloane2.jpg
  2. VERY cute and a great find! Congrats!
  3. Beautiful colour and beautiful bag! I sure would love to see poudre IRL...
  4. congrats hoover!

    very pretty! action pics please!
  5. oh, is poudre close to limo??
  6. Lovely bag! Congrats!! :tup::heart:
  7. Congrats! That's a good deal!
  8. pretty!
  9. Beautiful! What a great deal! I love the way the colour looks pink in some pics and lilac in the others. Absolutely stunning, many congrats!
  10. Beautiful. :love:
    I love the colour.
  11. Gorgeous colour! You scored grrreat!!! :tup:
  12. beautiful bag. enjoy her.
  13. what a find, congratulations and enjoy!!!
  14. Poudere is dusty pink, very pretty. Limo is taupey grey.
  15. Congrats hover, such a pretty colour, love it!