My new pomme goodies!

  1. My new goodies, pomme roxbury, zippy wallet and pastille.........:yahoo:
  2. Beautiful!
  3. Congrats- :heart: the color
  4. Gorgeous. The roxbury is growing on me.
  5. beautiful goodies!!! stunning gorgeous WOW...does the zippy wallet fit nicely into the there ample room in the roxbury...I sooo want that bag...that wallet would be sooo nice too...congrats...excellent taste!!!
  6. Those are good!!!! (ies)...
  7. Congrats!
  8. Lovely! Congrats!
  9. Sexy haul.. Wow you did a great job shopping :smile:

  10. wooooow!
  11. wow congrats! I love how you also have your LOVE cookie jar in the background :smile:
  12. Congrats! They're beautiful. :heart:
  13. I so want that wallet, nice pic, thanks!
  14. Gorgeous!! that roxburry has been on my mind lately..congrats, great buy!
  15. wow nice haul, love everything!