My New Pomeranian Puppy :D

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  1. After sooo many months looking for a new puppy, I finally found one from a breeder. She'll be a new addition to our family. Just visited her today and she is sooo sweet. Bringing her home nxt week!! :yahoo:

    She's a 3 months old pomeranian. I still can't think of a name yet... anyone have any suggestions?

    More pictures coming soon!
    Rumy1.jpg Rumy2.jpg Rmuy3.jpg
  2. How about Lily, like the flower?
  3. OMG! I want a Pom so bad! Congrats!
  4. She's a cutie pie!

    How about the name Audrey?
  5. Congrats, you new baby is adorable!
  6. OMG!!! She is SOOOO cute. I love Poms. Congratulations!!
  7. OMG! :nuts: She is so cute! I would love to have a Pom but I know the hair part would drive me crazy LOL!
  8. OMG what a little ball of fluff and cuteness all rolled into one (atop four little legs)!! Congratulations!
  9. toooo cute!
  10. what a sweetheart :love: I love poms! They're adorable!
  11. She's adorable. Trixie???

    What color is she? She looks white -- I have never seen a Pom this color.
  12. How about Charmin, Pixie or Fairchild? (these are suggestions from my 10 year old who LOVES dogs)!
  13. How cute! CoCo?
  14. So cuuuuuute!!!!
  15. Thank you everyone for your name suggestions :smile: They are all lovely and I will have a major difficult time deciding on one :smile:

    She's a sweetheart and the moment I laid eyes on her, I'm instantly in love with this little cutie...

    lulilu, her color is cream/white.