My new Pochette Metis Empreinte


Sep 23, 2013
Europe, Austria
As many of you, I fell in love with the Pochette Metis Empreinte immediately after the release! I asked my husband to get me one for my birthday. At first I didn't new, it's so hard to get, but I tried. A few weeks ago we have been to the boutique in Vienna, and I was told they don't have any, but they can order it for me! But as I was with my toddler, we couldn't stay too long, so I passed the possibility.
On 11.04.2017 we visited once more with the intention to place an order. This time I've got an other SA, who hasn't been as nice, and she told me they don't take orders, but she can put me waiting list for the full deposit. I found it quite strange at first, but my husband said yes, as he is always really optimistic. We have put down the deposit and left the store with an envelope.
I thought to my self maybe in a month I hear back something. But sometimes one can be lucky!! On 21.04.2017 I've got an SMS , that my item has arrived!! So we quickly went there next day to pick it up!


I can't wait to wear it!


Jul 27, 2013
Beautiful, congrats! I'm on the wait list as well for the marine rouge and hope to have as short a wait as you had!
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Jul 31, 2012
Congrats! I was prepared to wait for a month or more too after putting the deposit, but got the call within 5 days!