My new pochette cles

  1. I am loving my new pochette cles! I think it's going to be very useful. Here are some pictures of the cles and the cles with the heart.
    front_2_1.JPG back_1_1.JPG heartcles1_3_1.JPG heartcles2_1_1.JPG
  2. And here are some pics with my Damier Sophie and my Damier Speedy.
    sophiecles_2_1.JPG speedycles_4_1.JPG
  3. Congrats. very lovely
  4. Congratulations.
  5. it is very cute. congrate !!:supacool:
  6. OMGosh lvoe love all that shiny red congrats !! now I want a heart
  7. This just made my heart skip a beat

    Soooo pretty :heart:

    Ahhh, for our release date to FINALLY get here!
  8. o my..look at the red with damier..GORGEOUS combo!! congrats!
  9. absolutely stunning!
  10. I love it ... absolutely gorgeous! Congrats!
  11. so very pretty! congrats!
  12. I love it is this the same heart purse that is supposed to come out on Feb 1
  13. I really love the color.
  14. awesome purchase.

    aRe they available online or only in the store? I was having a hard time finding it on eluxury and
  15. It is. I got mine from a friend in Hawaii, where they were released earlier, but here it will be Feb. 1.