My new PNY wallet

  1. I got my PNY wallet yesterday and just got around to taking some pics. I really love it!:love:



  2. Tammy, It's beautiful. Congrats!!!
  3. That is fabulous! Big time Congrats! Its the kind of wallet you won't get tired of EVER!
  4. OOOOOooooo....Lookey at all that cash, hey can I hit you up for some? LOL
  5. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: Hm...maybe I need a black one too.:p
  6. I just love this wallet!! So pretty!! :love: I love how it has the blue lining!!

    Are they hard to find at Neimans or Saks, do you have to call the Chanel boutique to get one?
  7. I love this wallet so much. I have been looking for one and no luck so far.

    It looks like such a nice and functional wallet. I think I like the longer wallets. I seem to carry the short ones but I definitely love this one.

  8. I got one over the weekend too!

    piperlu- when i called customer service, I was told that there are still alot floating around including the bronze and dark white colored wallets. call the chanel chicago store, or tysons corner. I just walked into my chanel sf store and purchased it.
  9. Gorgeous, congrats!
  10. Oh my, very very pretty!! I love it!
  11. Lovely wallet! Congrats
  12. Loves this..Its on my list of Chanel wants..LOL
  13. I love this wallet!
  14. Mon, now you sound like Stacey who had a Cabas in three colors - LOL
    however she did take one back - so I guess you can have the black PNY:yes:

    My dark gold PNY wallet and gold credit card envelope arrived today. I will include a pic when my other items arrive the first of next week.
  15. Congrats Tammy!
    I know you are gonna it, this a great wallet!!