My new plum Pedro Garcia & camo Manolos

  1. My first pair of both designers! :yahoo: And in size 41 and 42.
    Pics from websites for battery needs charging. The plum goes great with the plum Chanel classic flap.
    0403249993186_CPLUM_275x275.jpg BGX02Q7_mn.jpg
  2. Both beautiful, congratulations!
  3. Gorgeous!
  4. Lovely!!
  5. I love them both. What do you wear the camo pair with? Jeans?
  6. Great choices!!! Please model them for us when your camera is charged.
    Can you tell me about the sizing in the Pedro Garcias? I wear a 6.5 in the manolo sedaraby.
  7. Both are beautiful. I really love Pedro Garcia shoes!!! I have been eyeing a few pairs. Congrats!
  8. They are both beautiful. Congratulations!
  9. Hey Girlie!!! I tried on the Manolo camos at NM in Las Vegas. They were cute, but then I didn't know how "practical" they'd be. Would I be subject to wearing certain colored clothes with them? I know the silver will go with everything. I'm expecting my silver Sedarabys any day now! Both your shoe choices are gorgeous!
  10. Love them!
  11. Very nice! I love the camos!!
  12. Thanks everyone. Here are a couple of scenarios I was considering.
  13. pics didn't post; reposting
    DSC00071.jpg DSC00073.jpg
  14. I wear a US 11, 41 in some Italian shoes like Gucci and 42 in Chanels and Manolo. I got the Pedros in size 41 which was the highest size I have seen them come in. They were a lil snug around the toe area out of the box but after a session with my wooden shoe stretcher last night they feel great and like a true size 11.
  15. Love Pedro Garcia.