**My New Plomb Day!** (w/ comparison photos w/ Anthra Part Time!)

  1. Well... I just got my first Day Bag and I am in love! :smile: I'm glad I got different styles because the Plomb and Anthra are similar, but also different. I guess I sound confused. haha. What do you all thinK? :smile:

    The Day On Its Own
    (Flash vs. No Flash)

    Side by Side
    (Flash vs. No Flash)

    In the Sunlight
    (Flash vs. No Flash)
  2. I like your Plomp.:tup: The leather on that one looks awsome.:drool: Congrats girlie.:yahoo:
  3. I think you're one lucky girl. It's going to be so nice to have just the right bag to reach for - one of those will surely go with 98% of your wardrobe (that last 2% will require you shopping for another B-Bag....:graucho:).

    I was amazed at how much I like the Day style. There's a part of me that wants nothing but Day in the future - but the Part-Time is calling to me, too.

    Any chance we'll see pix of you modeling both? I'd sure love to see the style comparison.
  4. beautiful leather on your steel day! the anthra definitely has more blue, but I love the more subtle blue of the day! congrats!
  5. I really love the plomb!! Leather looks amazing!! CONGRATS!!
  6. Sure, I can take some when hubby comes home. I'll warn you, I'm not exactly a model. LOL. :smile:
  7. I love your "plomp" too! What a beauty!!! :p The leather is so aahhh!!!! :p
  8. [​IMG]
  9. oops, sorry!
  10. wow! they are both equally pretty. love how they both have different leather on them. congrats! and thanks for the comparison pictures.
  11. The leather on the plomb looks delicious! Congrats on your two lovely bags!
  12. I love your Plomb Day! It's gorgeous........the color is beautiful and the leather on yours is delish!
  13. great leather on that plomb!! i think that color looks best all wrinkled and "broken in" - it really shows off the color nicely :tup:
  14. the plomb leather is amazing!
  15. The leather on your plumb is tdf!!! :drool: Can't wait for modeling pics.