MY New Platinum Madeline! Pics!

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  1. :nuts:So I wake up this morning and decide I need to have a Madeline. I've seen pics but I've never seen them in person so I thought I'd drive over to Macy's and see what they have. I went in planning to get a khaki/red or green but as soon as I got there I couldn't take my eyes off the Platinum! I don't know why! The Platinum Carly is so yucky! The color with the khaki is suppose to look bad right?? But even tho I tried and grabbed for a red or green, my eyes kept moving back to the Platinum. It was so shiny. @_@ Plus the hardware is a very shiny silver compared to the kind of dull brass on the other colors. Well even tho I tried to fight it I left with the Platinum! I love her and I normally dislike structured bags!! She's so pretty!!:heart::heart::heart:

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  2. I love it! Very cute! Congrats!
  3. I love it!!! Congrats!!!
  4. cute! Congrats! :tup:
  5. your bag had you in a trance! coach hypnosis!:lol::lol:
  6. Gorgeous! Congrats! I have to say that this bag is definitely growing on me. :heart::love:
  7. Nice choice! The Madeline is such a classy bag, but with the platinum, it also gives the bag a touch of fun! I love it!
  8. Congrats, it's stunning and I love everything inside too!
  9. that is nicer than the platinum carly!!! gorgeous bag!
  10. Congrats! Love all the accessories!
  11. Cute bag...the lining is a nice color too.
  12. Love it!
  13. Yay thanks everyone! Ahh she's sooo shiny!
  14. Very pretty! I love the color combo!
  15. Yeah! It's the first bag in the platinum trim I've see that didn't make me wanna puke LOL!