my new platforms - should I keep them

  1. Just got these new platforms - Im just not sure about them. I mean I think they are kinda cute but they are just soooo different from what I usually wear. What do you think?
  2. Heres the pic -
    My new platforms.JPG
  3. I love them!! What brand are they and where did you get them??
  4. OMG I love them and want a pair. where are these from?
  5. Very different to your usual style, hon. They look a little clunky/heavy to me. I don't think I would keep them.:smile:
  6. So pretty- love them. Especially how high they are!!!
  7. They are very cute, and will look great with jeans, or sundresses.
  8. I don't particularly care for them, but if you have a few outfits you can rock with them, I say keep them! All that matters is if you like them.
  9. I don't like them. They look like something a drag queen would wear.
  10. I don't like them either, I think the wood is cheap looking. Just my opinion though.
  11. I actually think they're cute. And I think it's always good to diversify a bit!
  12. I think they are adorable but how are they to walk in? I've always had a problem with wooden shoes. There is no bend to them and I tend to trip when I wear them.
  13. I think they would look cool with wideleg jeans but a little stripper in a dress.
  14. I think they're nice.
  15. They're cute.