My New Pinkie Perfo!

  1. Ok so I am just SO in love with my new friend the pinkie-perfo! :smile:

  2. Holy crap that's cute. Yay, congrats!!
  3.'s pretty !!!
  4. VERY pretty!:love:
  5. Congrats! I saw this bag in the LV store in Aspen. Very cute!
  6. Oooooooo Weeee!
  7. Fuschia is the nicest perfo color!! That is so beautiful. Enjoy!
  8. How cute!....:biggrin:

    Congrats...I agree with Jackie, Perforated was made for Fuschia..

  9. So pretty!
  10. That is so pretty and cute!!! Love the pink!:love:
  11. It's So Beautiful....The Fuchsia Is The Best! ENJOY!!!
  12. Ooooh! I am usually not one for either pink or LV but I LOVE this handbag!
  13. thank u all for your fun comments! I must confess that I haven't really wanted a LV until I felt this perfo in my's so silky soft and I love the bold yet not bold pink -

    I had a LV a long long time ago (like 16 years ago lol) and it was stiff and unappealing so I was never really fond of them after that - but times have changed and I am a newly converted LV fan!

  14. Fabulous, I hope that this will mark the beginning of many more LVs in the future ! ;)
  15. Very pretty!! I want one now..