My new pink/white hip bag (PICS)

  1. My new's actually the hip bag, but I will be wearing as a purse. It's so cute! Thanks for making me keep it Lynn!

  2. Here's another picture:
  3. Sorry they are so big! I would post one of me wearing it...but maybe not because it's big too :smile:
  4. The pictures are terrific! I love the closeup view. Do post one wearing it. Very pretty color - congrats!
  5. i definately want to see one of you wearing it because there are some hip bags that i would love to just have as a purse...demo please :yes:
  6. I wanted this exact bag but when I saw the pink sig in-store, I didn't like it...

    WHY do some sig colors look different in-store/IRL! Ugh! :hysteric:
  7. I'd like to see it worn as a purse, too, please. :yes:

    That might convince me to go ahead and order it... :rolleyes:
  8. Here it is...I tried to resize it so hopefully it will be smaller. My mirror is little scratched:p
  9. love it sooo much!!! i just love that pink!!!!!
  10. Very cute!
    I like it.
  11. I LOVE the pink! I originally got it because I was going to wear it across the body (like a swing pack) but the strap was not long enough. I could have sworn I read that you could wear it that way on the Coach website...I was going to take it back and then looked at it again and put my stuff inside and LOVED it! It's super cute and happy ;)
  12. I love pink!!! beautiful bag.
  13. Looks great as a shoulder bag as well - enjoy!
  14. :nuts: wow it is so pretty! You make me want to get one now!
  15. Oooh that looks so cute as a shoulder bag! Thanks for posting that, it makes me want it now! I never would have thought of that, and hip bags aren't really my style, but it looks great. Congrats :smile: