My new Pink Signature Stripe tote is here!!

  1. Here is pictures of the new Pink Signature stripe tote Style # 11691

    I am not sure if I am liking the purse but here are some pictures of it and my friend was so nice to take some modeling picturess of me .. I might be exchanging this bag for the Large chocolate Carly..



  2. Oooh. :drool: :love: it! Matches so nice with your pink nails. :biggrin: I say you keep it. May I ask, what was the price? And is this the large?

  3. I honestly dont know it does not say if it is a large or not but I would say it is because it has a lot of room inside of the bag. and this bag was originally $268 I got it for $201.00 due to my 25% off on my whole order
  4. i think it's cute but i'm like you i'm not really feeling it, which is too bad because it actually zips all the way at the top!!
  5. It's really cute!! (Excuse me while I tell myself, omg, don't even, you already HAVE a pink summery tote!!)

  6. Darn, I feel the same too. I've been dying for a pink Coach bag and it is really cute and all, but I'm just not there yet either.:shame:

  7. yeah lol I have the medium size heritage tote and I like it a lot better its prettier and it has more unique details to it
  8. I love that pink color! But.. I don't know.. something about the bag throws me off. XD!!

    It's really cute tho. ^^
  9. I think the pink is a really nice shade & the bag is reeeally cute, but once I read that your other option is a chocolate Carly, I think you should get the Carly. The chocolate color is reeeally classic, almost like getting a nice black bag. The pink is adorable, but hold off until you find one that you absolutely love & *HAVE* to have, u know? :smile:
  10. So cute!
  11. Yay you got it... Yeah I think I like the heritage tote better!!!
  12. The pink is cute, but the way the c's on the pocket don't match up with the ones behind it would bother me.
  13. Oh I love this bag, is this a new item... ? I think i'm liking this more then the punch signature stripe. May I ask the cost, I would like to enquire with my local store.. thanks.

    BTW congrat's great bag.
  14. Dont you have a signature stripe in punch ?
  15. It's $298