My new PINK MJ Stam!

  1. Hi girls- she arrived from Elux today! What do you think? I love the color, and the leather is beautiful. :biggrin: She's a lot bigger than I thought she'd be. Stam owners- do you use yours as an every day bag? Do you use the shoulder strap or handles?
  2. :love: it's adorable
  3. That is very cute! The color is pretty :love:
  4. Beautiful! I love all things pink!
  5. Beautiful bag!
  6. Very pretty! Congrats!
  7. I love it, the color is beautiful .
  8. Beautiful! I wear them by the handle, but since the bag is a bit on the heavy side, I rotate it by putting it over the shouder w/the chain. I also hold them by using my forearm as well (especially for my Putty b/c I'm paranoid about getting the handles dirty over time). The chain does not slide off and is incredibly comfortable.
  9. Very nice! Congrats.
  10. OMG that is so cute! I want one!!!!!
  11. Totally beautiful! Delish colour!
  12. It's a beauty!
  13. Gorgeous, great purchase ! ;)
  14. Nice!
  15. 0o0o0o its so cute!!!! i like it!
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