My new pink Hip bag and wristlet

  1. This is my new hip bag in pink signature and the wristlet..hope it shows up. I love it!!!
  2. All I can see is the tiny picture in your signature :confused1:
  3. I tried to upload it and it keeps telling me the picture is too big..let me see if i can make it bigger..
  4. Sorry I will try the adobe shot...again...thanks for your oatience..:idea:
  5. Oh, I hope you can find a way to make it show up!

    I really want to see it! :nuts:
  6. Are you attaching it in the post or putting it in your signature? It won't be very big in your signature. If you hit the go advanced button toward the bottom of the page, you can then go to 'manage attachments'. That enables you to attach the picture in your post. (actually it puts a link there to click on it but it still works!) Hope that helps! We're all anxiously awaiting pics of your new hip bag! Looks cute!
  7. I am trying hard lets see...
  8. Oh nuts, it keeps telling ne the picture is too big and I can only use my signature once. so I had to change the picture. Wait, hubbie will help...thanks...!!!:heart: :heart:
  9. I can't wait to see it! I ordered the hip bag and the skinny mini in the Pink Sig and really want to see it :smile:
  10. isnt' it easier to upload the picture to a free photo hosting site (like photobucket) and link it from there?
  11. We cropped it used adobe and it still did not work. I will look into that for I have so many good pictures to show you guys and it is not working at all...sorry:confused1:
  12. Try photobucket like Deweydrop's really simple and free. Go to the site, sign up (only takes a minute) and upload the picture. Then paste the url in your post...I think there is a photo link that you use. I can't wait to see the hip bag...if you need any more help, just ask!
  13. There is the yellow square button on the posting bar that you use to paste your link.
  14. photobucket is definately the easiest for resizing!