My new PINK Goodies!

  1. My stuff came today! I purched the Punch swing pack to carry around DC the week I get married! I figured it would be easier then carrying a purse. I also snagged the Pink coin purse to hold my Razr and keep some free space in there. Sadly Ihad a tough time getting the Razr in there because of a key chain that's on the inside. =P I LOVe it tho, I'm using it to hold my T Pass right now. =D anyway,s PICS! Please pardon my fiance's boxers, it's HOT in this apartment today!
    punch1.jpg punch2.jpg punch3.jpg
  2. What a GORGEOUS bag, and it looks totally fabulous on you! :drool: great haul, enjoy it and congrats on the big M!
  3. That's so cute! I love the punch. It looks great on you! :yes:
  4. LOVE them!
    The colors go so well together!

    You ride the T down in Boston! I LOVE visiting down there!

    When are you getting married?
  5. so cute!!! what i do , cause i have one of those cell lanyards from coach attached to my razr and what i do in my lemon is just leave the lantard hanging out , i put it in so the lanyard sits where the zipper comes to a close and so you can still zip it and then the lanyard , or charm just dangles out where the zipper shuts :smile: does that make sense?! :smile:

    oh one of my pics showed it, like this
  6. Well the keychain thats attached inside the coin purse keeps it from closing all the way!

    And my wedding is June 2nd! coming up fast! >_< And all these parties going on at work is not helping with my prewedding diet! =P
  7. Really nice! I love the coin purse.
  8. Lovely bag! Looks great on you.
  9. How cute! It looks great on you
  10. The coin purse looks cute with it!
  11. SO Cute!!! And congratulations on your upcoming wedding!!!
  12. yay punch! I love the coin purse!! and of course I love the swing pack (I have the same one)
  13. Cute :biggrin: I looooove pink!
  14. This makes me think I must get SOMETHING in punch....and you totally made me realize how great the coin purse is. Awesome purchases.
  15. very nice, i love the coin pouch!