My new PINK Coach snow boots came!

  1. They are the Marians I got them off eBay for $166.

    They are kinda comfy I tried them out today. I never wear snow boots so it was different.

    I hope they don't get too dirty.

    Excuse my dirty floor... LOL My vacume belt broke and I haven't bought another yet! HAHA SLOB I know.

    Here's some pics.
  2. Gorgeous boots! I love the pink against the khaki signature! Congratulations!
  3. Those are freakin cute! I have been eyeballing them on eBay forever. Do they fit true to size???
  4. I ordered a 9 and they seem to fit pretty well. maybe a bit snug but they are ok... So yes I'd say true to size.
  5. Cool! Thanks.
  6. Totally OT...but your kitty looks just like my very first baby!!:love:
  7. They are so cute! Love them! Congrats :yahoo::tup:
  8. Wow! They are so cute. Too bad it doesn't snow here. Does Coach make hiking boots?
  9. i love those boots girl :heart:
  10. Thanks! I think they are keepers!
  11. OMG!!!!!!! Those are SOOOOO cute!!!!! I LOVE them! I have a sort of thing for snow these!! The pink doesn't hurt, either;) Congrats!!!!
  12. LA, yes the pink certainly adds to the appeal right?:tup::love:
    Very stylish! Congrats!
  14. i love them! they look absolutely great on you!
  15. Congrats, those are TOO cute, and look even better on!!!