My new pink bowler & wallet! Loves! And on sale!

  1. I had recently purchased a Med. pink flap, but after shopping with Syntagma & seeing her pink bowler, I had to get this one too. It was only $672. including tax & the wallet $345., including tax. :nuts: I included a pic of how much this baby holds! It holds much more than a Med. flap. I haven't even used the Med. flap yet, cause I just love this one. :tender:I carry it to Curves to work out & it's cute with workout clothes. :wlae:Thanks for letting me share this baby. I purchased it from Lisa Hamlin, who found it when it wasn't even available at the time. She kept hunting & tracking it down & until finally it was mine. :love: Love the wallet too. It's my first Chanel wallet.
    pinkbowler4.jpg pinkbowler3.jpg
  2. Very pretty, congrats!!
  3. So cute! Looks great on you!
  4. So cute how did you find one on sale? congrats!
  5. Thanks Glamourette & Japskivt! I believe it's the best deal I've ever gotten on a bag & wallet!
  6. pretty!
  7. Thanks. I was shopping with Syntagma in Houston NM & she bought the bowler there. I had been thinking about it ever since, so I started calling different NM stores until I found it at an ever better price! I'm even thinking of returning the pink flap to appy the $ towards a reissue. :graucho: What do you gals think?
  8. Oh that's cute. Congrats. It holds a lot of stuff!
  9. I adore that wallet and it will also match my Chanel! Can you PM or post the contact info for the great SA that helped you? TIA and congrats on the lovely new goodies!
  10. Looks so cute on you! Looks like it holds a lot and the wallet is superb!

    What a great SA with whom you dealt! I say go for the reissue instead in response to your question.
  11. so pretty! congrats!
  12. I love the wallet. Such a great deal. I got the same bowler. wonder if the wallet is still available. Can you also, PM me your SA info. So i can have her/him hunt a wallet down for me. TIA>
  13. adorable!!
  14. can I ask which NM you found your purse at? :smile:
  15. Thanks again everyone! :heart:
    Since I've had so many requests: I purchased this bag & wallet from Neimans at Troy, MI. I know lots of fellow PFers have used SA Lisa Hamlin. I really don't know if the bag & wallet are still available though. The phone # is 248-643-3300, ex. 2182. Good luck. :wlae: