My New Pink Bbag w Gold Studs <3

  1. just got my candy pink balenciaga w/ gold studs yesterday, i am honestly in love :love: btw the pics do not do it justice ..
    IMG_5734.jpg IMG_5732.jpg
  2. She's AAAAAAMAZING! What a beauty! :drool: Congrats!!:tup:
  3. Thank youuu! I've already seen many women carrying it, its definitely going to be an It-Bag this season..
  4. beautiful bag, congrats!
  5. Oh, wow! I love it! Congrats!
  6. Gorgeous! Congrats and enjoy your new bag! :smile:
  7. The more I look at GGH BG, the more I like it!!! Your picture is making me want something small GGH BG!!! CONGRATS!!!
  8. Congratulations, it is very pretty.
  9. gorgeous bag!! Congrats!!
  10. OMG she's gorgeous! Lucky girl!
  11. cOngrats on your new addition~! ;)
  12. The Gold hardware really looks great on this color bag! Beautiful!! Congrats!
  13. thank you alll :heart:
  14. very pretty. congrats!
  15. Such a cute bag