My New Pink and White Hip Bag

  1. :love: I just received my pink and white signature hip bag. And, you can wear it as easily on your shoulder. I also got the wristlet. It is simply adorable!!!!
  2. PICS!! Post pics!! I wanna see!!! I've been curious about the hip bag but haven't seen one yet. I bet the pink is so cute!
  3. Congrats! Can't wait to see pics!
  4. ooh!! this is on my want list!! can't wait to see pics! :yahoo: congrats!
  5. Please post pics!!! I've been curious about this bag too!!
  6. pls post pix! congrats!
  7. pictures please!
  8. pics please, i like pink!
  9. ACCCCk Okay, I have to describe it and tell you guys just how to look it up on the Coach site until I can figure how to upload pictures. Go to search and just put in "pink bags" it will come up in the Hampton's hip bag with the matching wristlet on the sidde. The bag is much bigger than the wristlet and has a light pink background with darker pink C's of course....and the strap is adjustable and white with a white border around the zipper. The coin purse is the same with pink corners at each side. I simply love it. I wish they would make it in a bigger size. Hurry though, I do not think they have big stock on this pink color...:love:
  10. I will send pics as soon as I figure how to upload them. It keeps rejecting my upload, probably it is too large. Go to and put in pink in the search. It will definitely come up and the wristlet too. It is quite large and can be worn as a hip bag or a shoulder bag...and the wristlet is adorable. Hurry, not too many left , even if you cannot get to the store, get one. Truly adorable for summer. :heart:
  11. gorgous bag! DELISH!

    thats a PERFECT seasonal bag!