My New Pigalles have arrived!

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  1. I love them :yahoo:! They feel great and the heel height (70mm) is perfect! I am going to bribe my son over the next few days to take some modeling pics of me and my little collection of CL's...if I dare :yes:.
    pigalle1.jpg pigalle2.jpg
  2. Oh I love those! Perfect! I need a pair that height! The pattern ais TDF. You did great! Where did you find them??
  3. looks fab!!
  4. Beautiful!!
  5. lovely!!!!!
  6. those are amazing! i love the 70 pigalles. i can't imagine even trying on the higher ones...i'm that bad in heels, so the 70s were a godsend.
  7. They're hot!
  8. I :heart: the pigalle! Congrats! Please do share post pics of your collection.
  9. Congrats! They are gorgeous. I would like a pair of Pigalles..I think they would look good with almost anything. You can dress them up or down!
  10. very pretty! I can't wait to see the modeling pics.
  11. yes! where'd u find them? i've been scouring for them online, have yet to come across one!
  12. Congrats ronsdiva! They are hot in that leopard patent. Are you going to wear them w/ your scarlet on January 7th? lol
  13. gorgeous!
  14. I got them at Saks. They were on sale and I did a presale for the ECG last week. Ashakes, I think theybwould be quite fetching with scarlet & grey, lol.