My new.....Picotin!!!! :)

  1. :yahoo: Look what I got today! I'm so excited! :yahoo: :yahoo: I saw a Picotin in the SF H window last weekend and just loved how it looked with a scarf spilling out. Went today just to look and lo and behold SF had this beauty...Ebene with Caramel under the handles and Caramel piping on the bottom. Dh said get it so I did!!!! And a new pocket square. :graucho: :yahoo:
  2. That is super gorgeous-especially with the scarf.

    That is exactly the bag I want.

    I am jealous!
  3. WOW!!! :yahoo:It is so pretty. I love the scarf you got too. Congratulations!!!!
  4. congrats!!!!! very beautiful indeed!!!!
  5. Oh, CB!! Gorgeous, gorgeous Picotin! Have you stuck your whole head in it to huff the leather yet? LOL!! The pocket square looks perfect, too. Congratulations on your fabu new treats!
  6. LOL, Sue!

    Crochetbella, CONGRATULATIONS! It's gorgeous and I'm so happy for you. Now Miss Evelyne has a sister! (Read: OMG, SF actually HAD inventory?)
  7. Wow, that is so pretty and the scarf adds just the right touch! Congratulations!
  8. Pretty shnazzy Picotin ya got there, H! I ADORE IT!!!!!!! And that scarf is just perfect with her! So glad I got a chance to see it's truly lovely with the suede lining!!!!!
  9. Very very cute! I always liked the picotin. It has a distinct charm to it. Congrats!
  10. Loooove the new picotin and pocket square!!! :heart: I bet you can't wait to bring her out for a spin!!
  11. Lovely:love:
  12. Gorgeous CB!! Congrats!! You have a wonderful dh you you still get one (or more) on '07 though right???!!!! Enjoy!
  13. yummy, CB -- congrats.

    so which size is this?
  14. Very cute combo and perfect with the pocket square. Congrats!
  15. CB that is one beautiful picotin!! I love it! and the pocket square w/ it is just gorgeous!! Congratulations!!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart: