My new Petit Noe!!!!!

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  1. I just bought it a few days ago!! I sold my Cabas Piano for a very good price to my co-worker to fund my new purchase. I took the Petit Noe out for a spin today, but I didn't want to put it down since I'm afraid the bottom of the purse will get stained. I'll probably carry a cloth napkin around and place the purse on top of it - crazy,huh?

    I'm still figuring out how to load pics to this forum and I haven't figured out watermarks yet but here goes.... hope it works!




  2. congrats!! very cute! it holds so much too! incredible
  3. Congrats!!! Wow, it does fit a lot of stuff. Enjoy!!!
  4. The petit noe is one of my favorite basic bags; I love how much that little bag can hold! Congrats on an excellent purchase!
  5. Thanks!!! All of the stuff that I carry was a tight fit in the Cabas Piano, so that's why I decided to let my co-worker adopt the Piano. It went to a good home!!!! The Petit Noe looks small, but holds so much and is great for an everyday bag..... I think the regular (large) Noe is great too, but it's probably better as a tote bag for school or work.
  6. Thanks!!! I'm going up to SF this Thursday for X-Mas! I'm originally from the South Bay area, so I can't wait to go back to SF and shop in Union Square! I'll bring my new Noe but only if it's not going to rain in SF. Gotta watch out for that vachetta bottom for a while!!
  7. Congrats!
  8. Congrats .. it holds so much:nuts: I love your brown pouch..what size is it???
  9. Oh my I love it!
  10. Congrats!

    Petite Noe is so adorable!
  11. Thx! It's the Antigua Pochette Plate PM.
  12. Congrats!
  13. That's a keeper, so cute! Congrats!
  14. Congratulations!!!

  15. thanks! great *no more bags till 2007* i keep on forgetting!