My new Petal Pink City, lots of pics & comparisons w/ violet and le magenta!

  1. Here she is girls, not the overwhelming barbie pink that I was scared of. It is lovely.

  2. Gorgeous!!

    Now the most important question is... does Faith love it?!!!

    BTW: Hot legs!!
  3. Shasta, just beautiful! I love the bag!!! And your legs are a knock-out, girl! Off to a holiday party shortly - I'm waiting on DH to finish getting ready, and of course, I hop on PF to see what is going on! Great photos!
  4. Shasta that is gooooorgeous!!! You totally rock it; I'm really impressed with that shade of pink. Lovely!
  5. love the BG.
  6. Very beautiful Shasta!!!!
  7. Shasta WOW~~Your new BG looks great. LOVE the outfit esp the shoes!!!
  8. Bern- Faith loves it! She cried her eyes out the entire time Houston (9 year old ds) was wrapping it. I have created a bbag monster!
  9. Fabulous Shasta! And girl, you have a killer body!!!!!
  10. Woohoo nice legs! Your petal pink city is so fabulous! That is so adorable that Faith loves it. Do you think she will unwrap it to take a glance?
  11. You are rockin' that bag! It looks great. Love the shoes you were wearing in the pic.
  12. Your shoes are from Wet Seal or Forever 21, right? I have them, too, they're pretty hot. Gorgeous collection!
  13. It's quite lovely, Shasta. Congrats!
  14. Very pretty. Thanks for the modeling shots. I am too lazy to post them. :smile:
  15. They are forever 21, they are perfect for going out. THat way I don't have to worry about my Manolo's or Louboutin's getting trampled or damaged.