My new personalized le pliage


Oct 26, 2008
True North Strong & Free!
I saw here that Longchamp changed their options to personalized the le pliage line so decided to order one of the ”new” style.
I had previously bought 2 totes with the “old” personalized style- stripes and small embroidered initials.
I ordered this new tote end of April, so took 6 weeks to get to me which I am impressed by considering what is going on in the world.
I am very happy with it although it is completely different than what I thought it would be - it is now a heavy canvas material and no extra snap to fold it up like the old style.
The inside pocket is huge and it has a light grey colour lining, overall very happy and thinking about ordering another!

943E5AF5-696C-406C-BD48-74B8C9388EA8.jpeg 9D052DA8-CCEB-49EB-B436-A4D98CDDBBF0.jpeg
Dec 17, 2013
So pretty bags! Both old and new! I love the color combinations you chose. Love how your initials are shown on the inside pocket as well, that was a total surprise to me. Your bag is now truly personalised, both inside and out!