My New Periwinkle Bleu Glacier First's here!!!

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  1. LOVE it! The hardware is so striking against the color. Thanks for sharing and congrats!
  2. gorgeous!
  3. oh pretty pretty!!! :yahoo:
  4. wow wow wow =)........... gorgeous!
  5. :heart::heart::heart:I LOVE it, the leather is so cool, love the distressing, not to mention the color is tdf, congrats!

    (Did your friends already order the same bag yet...? :yucky:)
  6. [​IMG]



    Congrats:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:Lovely's AWESOME...Enjoy her~~
  7. I love the distressing as well!!! My big month told one of them about the bag, and I think hers is on the way as well............. hahahahah :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  8. [​IMG]
    It's sooo pretty!!!
  9. I can't stop modeling it in front of my mirror...!!

    I am going to take my new baby out today!!! I hope I don't get it dirty while getting drunk....!!!.:drinkup::graucho:
  10. Love it!:love: Congrats,Lilbou64!:yes:

  11. LOL!!!! Eye - Yah!!!!!! :cursing:
    Well, I doubt she will get as lovely a gal as your bag, I am seriously loving the leather, WOW!!!!:heart:
  12. Gorgeous bag!!! congrats!!
  13. So beautiful! I think my Blue Glacier First is being shipped tomorrow - I hope it's as lovely as yours!
  14. so beautiful --I'm surprised how much I love this color
  15. :heart:
    Congratulations and thank you for sharing photos so quickly! I am waiting to see some pics of a Periwinkle Day and your pictures are making me more impatient than ever! What a great addition to your lovely B-bag family!