My new Perfo Baby :)

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  1. Hey guys looked what I picked up today:

    She is getting along quite well with my Speedy 30.....but might cheat with the Cabas Piano tommorow.

    Its soo cute and a really nice size.

  2. Cute!!!
  3. Oh Lord, so cute!!
  4. Love it!!!!:love:
    What are you gonna put in it?
    I'm trying to rationalize WHY I need one!
  5. I honestly went into the store and thought I am going to hate it. But when I saw it in person I was in :love: I dont think I could do a perfo in a big bag..just to much for me. I also didnt want another cles as I have so many already and the pouchette didnt appeal to me with the lock on the this was the perfect fit for me.

  6. Well the obvious choice for me is credit cards, money ect. But my cellphone (Pink Razor) (which by the way matches perfectly!) fits in too. So I dont know yet. I could use it for makeup but I think I wont as its slender and I dont want to stretch it out. I have so many other pieces of LV that I use for makeup.

    Its almost big enough for a clutch...but that depends on taste.

  7. Too cute, while I think the perforated bags are.. questionable, the accessories are so darling !
  8. Love the plat! I keep talking myself in and out of that piece. Can you post what the plat can hold? I am thinking of carrying it as a funky day clutch sometimes.
  9. I am switching my stuff over later I will post exactly what I can get into and maybe post a picture.

    Until Later!
  10. Congrats! It's really cute!
  11. Cute :biggrin:
  12. very uniek and nice....of coz cute too
  13. Congrats, Selena! Some of the perforated collection is starting to grow on me :biggrin:
  14. Cute!
  15. Ok so for those of you who asked what can fit in are a few scenerios.

    First I had my Ipod Nano, Razr, Earphones, and some gameboy games for my son. All fit in great.

    Then I did the Money, Credit cards and various coupons for the mall and Loehmanns.

    Then I did make up: Compact , lipgloss, eyeliner, mascara, and a few other small things.

    all in all its very multifunctional for me. I am now using as second option....because its new and I will be reaching for it more in this way.

    Hope this helps.
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