My New Perfect Violet City!!!!

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  1. Okay, pics do not do this bag justice! It is hard to capture.

  2. BTW: I originally was getting a work, but panicked about the size. I love this city!
  3. OMG! Gorgeous!!!!! I love it!!! Congrats!!!
  4. OMG!!!!!!!!!! Yes~ your pictures definitely do it justice!!!!! :nuts::nuts::nuts: GORGEOUS!!!! :heart::love::love::love: I am so in love with this color it's insane!!!!! Enjoy!!!:smile:
  5. You look absolutely FABULOUS, Shasta!:tender: LOVE your haircut, outfits and gorgeous Violet City!:love: Congrats, sweety! :yahoo::heart:
  6. Absolutely gorgeous- look at that leather:nuts:!
    Love the haircut, BTW!
  7. yummy puffy leather - congrats, it's gorgeous on you!
  8. Congrats!!!
    BTW, Love your dress and haircut :smile:
  9. wow :love:!!! This bag is wonderful on you !
    I have to say I totally love your hair and your outfit!!
    You look fabulous with this bag ! :tender:
  10. Shasta it's gorgeous and you look so gorgeous with that color. LOVE IT!!!:heart:
  11. Gorgeous, congratulations!
  12. Now all of you fabulous girls gave me a big head! Just kidding, thanks for the compliments. This color is amazing, I am loving the agneau!
  13. congrats, shasta...i hope my violet is as fabulous as yours! love the new do, btw!

    just curious, did you request distressed or smooth leather on your violet?
  14. I requested "Not too destressed, not too smooth...." Kim liked this one b/c it is thick! I love her! SHe is just the best.
  15. She picks the best bags, doesn't she? And so nice and patient. It looks fantastic on you, really! Can't get enough pics of this color!