My new perfect edith messenger finally and some updated chloe bag pics!

  1. As I described in my last thread, I was struggling during the last 2-3 months for a perfect edith, now I FINALLY get one! It was when I was hanging around online at 3am and suddenly it popped up on NAP and I grabed it w/o a second's hesitation, and it was sent to me this week, what more can I say---it's perfect, just like what I was expecting. :yahoo::yahoo:
    I can't wait to share the pics with you.
    And I bought a tan front pocket paddy from eBay 2 weeks ago, will post in this thread too.
    IMG_1257.JPG IMG_1258.JPG IMG_1259.JPG IMG_1262.JPG
  2. lovely edith but love the tan its gorgeous!!!
  3. Here is my modeling pics:
    m1.JPG m2.JPG m3.JPG m4.JPG m5.JPG
  4. it looks a good size actually!
  5. Congrats!! Your perserverence paid off. She's a beauty and I love the tan front pocket paddy too!
  6. Oh wow...congrats on the edith, she is a beauty....

    Please post modelling of the edith
  7. Beautiful bags!!!!! Congrats
  8. Thanks ladies! Sorry I was about to post the mmodeling pics of edith when I have some emergence and forgot about it.
    Here it is~~
    mm1.JPG mm2.JPG mm3.JPG
  9. I had to come back and look again... The colors on your bags are absolutely gorgeous and they look great on you!!!!!
  10. Lovely :tup:
  11. The Edith's a beauty... congrats!
  12. I love your edith messenger. Hopefully I'll get one someday.
  13. Love your new Edith. Great! :yahoo:
  14. beautiful, congrats!!
  15. wow!