My new pencil.....

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  1. I've wanted a pencil for about a year now.... this one will be my birthday present to myself next week:heart:!

    I :love: it and can't wait to receive her....

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  2. Congrats and Happy Birthday. It is so cute and i love it in Galet.
  3. Thank you Nanaz, I love covered hardware, this is my first one.....
  4. Happy Birhday Veronika! I love it! I don't have one....yet, hee.
  5. Thank you! I love your Ruby Slippers and they have made me reconsider selling my red patent maryjane manolos!!!!!! lol...... it's like wait, every girl needs some ruby slippers... yous are fab!
  6. OMG------------You can never let go of any Maryjane Manolos! Reconsider, reconsider, LOL.

    I wish the Rubies in my avatar were mine - they are pix from the fabulous designers that were asked to do a tribute to Dorothy's ruby slippers for The Wizard of Oz 70th Anniversary.

    Shoes and handbags, ladies, what a pleasure it is to be a girl!

    Enjoy your pencil V. :smile:
  7. Happy Birthday Veronika! Lovely lovey present to yourself ^.^ congrats and enjoy!
  8. Thank you molee808 and HerRubySlippers, done, no selling red patent Mary Jane Manolos....whew, that was a close one, Thanks!:ghi5:

    Yes, thank god I'm a girl, if you were a guy, you'd be spending thousands on motorcycles and mazerattis... it makes our little bal habits look like
  9. :Partyhat: Happy Birthday Veronika :queen::party::Partyhat:
    Your Galet GCH Pencil is lovely!.....Enjoy!

  10. That's sooo pretty!!! Congrats!!! Happy early Birthday!!!
  11. Galet is such a great color - enjoy!
  12. Congrats and happy birthday! :smile:
  13. She's so pretty! Happy birthday!
  14. i like the understated color
  15. Happy birthday! Hope you enjoy it!