My new Peacock Blue Sophia has arrived!

  1. I came home to find a nice surprise from the mailman guy, MY SOPHIA! :yahoo:

    I bought her off eBay. She was a little dirtier than I expected on the insides, when the auction stated she was "brand new," but I can clean out the insides, and already have. At least there are no scratches or anything on the exterior.

    Anyway here she is! This is my second MJ bag I bought this week. :shame: I really need to go on my ban for sure now.

    I hope I can find some time to wear her because I am so in love with my Spearmint Multipocket. :s I don't think I can part with it. She is really cute though and oh so light!
    sophia-012.jpg sophia-015.jpg sophia-016.jpg
  2. ^^ oh me oh my. she's a beaut!! I have the peacock blue ZC, I'm sure they long for eachother! lol! enjoy!!
  3. nice, sophia is my favorite style mj bag! and you have such great color too.
  4. oh im soo jealous!! that is my new 'need'!! and that color is TDF!!!!
    enjoy her!!

    so that is peacock blue?

    oh, ps how did you clean the inside? it looks great
  5. Thanks! :cutesy:

    moody: It wasn't that dirty, just stuff was inside the bag like it had been used. I think there was even a small rock inside! Haha. Anyway, I just turned the inside compartments inside out and patted all the dirt, dust, hair (&rocks!) out. Looks good as new now. Maybe it was a return before the lady I bought the bag from bought it, or was a display. Who knows. I'm okay with it as long as it doesn't have permanent damage.

    BTW: I saw a Peacock Blue Sophia on Tuesday night at the San Diego Last Call, so if you are looking for one give them a call!
  6. You know, I thought it looked like peacock blue too, since it has the suede lining. I use to own a PB Sophia.... miss her terribly!

    Congrats on your new bag, take her out for a spin already! Thanks for sharing pics.
  7. First off - congrats kirsten! Peacock is such a beautiful color.

    Your comment about the small rock made me laugh. I'm a school teacher and our school playground is filled with pebbles. I swear there are times I find a pebble in my handbags!! I don't know if my students put them in there or what?! LOL...
  8. great color!! congrats!

    glad u managed to clean out the inside. hate itwhen that happens. i mean leaving rocks in the bag?!?! =P
  9. the bag is gorgeous. love the sophia in that color! grats on the purchase.
  10. Congrats the color is beautiful.
  11. I love the color! It's fabulous!
  12. :nuts: Ohhh it is gorgeous!!!

    I want something in peacock blue soooo badly!! So far, I missed that zc on eBay and didn't even end up seeing this one!:crybaby: Someday though....

    Congrats!! It is lovely!
  13. Kirsten, you are on a roll! Double congrats & enjoy. =)
  14. GREAT color!

    It's gorgeous, congrats!
  15. wow! nice color.. congrats :yes: