My new PCE things...but I have a question...

  1. Here are my new PCE things...I love them!:wlae:
    But, I do have a question...
    do you think the stripes should match up on the umbrella? They match up all the way around EXCEPT for the green, navy and pink. I think they should match up...don't you??
    Does anyone else have this umbrella and do they match up 100%? :confused1::confused1::confused1::confused1:
    IMG_9344 3.jpg
  2. Sorry about the huge size! I am still trying to figure out how to post the photos where they are big, but not too big! Obviously I haven't figured that out yet!
  3. They should match up all the way around, yes.

    Hehe, I finally broke down and bought a Legacy bag! Still using that rug or is it stashed away?
  4. What rug, those were just bags lined up, remember?:graucho:
  5. I so love your black Ali! It's TDF:nuts:
  6. :graucho: i almost forgot.
  7. That would bug me on the umbrella. Personally I would get a different one. Great purses by the way!
  8. Thanks! I have looked on eBay at all the umbrellas for sale and they all looked lined up all the way around. I think for $88 it should be! Oh well, I will take it in tomorrow and probably buy one last thing with my PCE card, since they gave it back to me to use again!:yes:
  9. I have nothing to add about the umbrella except what a beautiful lot of purchases you have there.
  10. Thanks again.
    I just wanted to add, so everyone knows how pathetically obsessed I am, that this is a back up ponytail scarf for the one I have. I use mine almost everyday and am afraid that if it gets stained I will be without one. I also plan to get all 3 new legacy stripe scarves.
    :nuts:I am really into the stripes!:nuts:
  11. Congratulations.
  12. Beautiful bags! That turquoise is stunning, and the black ali is a new classic (if that makes sense)'ll have her for years!

    I just brought home my black Ali--I didn't have a black bag before now!--and love her as much as my whiskey one...
  13. Nice goodies. :drool:
  14. I have actually never, ever had a black bag either. I used to wear a lot of black and always wanted something to pop against it. Now a days, I don't wear as much black, so I figured what the heck!;)
  15. You really got yourself some fine looking handbags there, Girlie! :tup: