my new patent spy... a keeper?

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  1. My black patent spy arrived today. I think it's beautiful, and I don't have a patent bag...but it's quite stiff compared to my corded spy. Anyone know if it softens up and gets slouchy, or will it stay stiffer?

    I am 95% sure I am keeping it...


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  2. Wow, shiny! is it also that shiny in real life?
  3. It might look a little shinier in the pic than irl, but it's quite shiny. I had read on here that it was more dull irl, but it's true patent.

    Does anyone else have this bag?
  4. Dear KMSNYC,
    I fell in love with the Patent Spy too after seeing the Fendi catalogue in the store so I told my SA to order it for me. I have the chocolate spy and I wanted one that would be durable. Well I changed my mind after about 3 weeks. I think the patent is too shiny and like you said it is too stif. I prefer the soft nappa look and feel on the spy. So I ended up spending the money on LV.
  5. I have cooled on my like for the patent spy. I do think that the 2007 bags are generally stiffer than the older bags (seems like the leather gets progressively stiffer each year). The corded spys were not from this season, so it makes sense that it would be smooshier than the patent, which is current, even without the fact that the patent is, well, patent.

    Personally, I prefer the somewhat stiffer bags as I think it shows off the leather a little better. The spy is so big it needs a little structure to look good, IMO. But, to each his own!
  6. thanks for your input ladies!:heart:

    I have been looking at the bag all night and I am still unsure of what to do. :confused1:I actually do think it's beautiful, and the stiffness seems to be less of an issue when I have things inside the bag. And in general, I prefer the really unique looking spies that are a little different than the classic nappa leather ones... so all those factors make me want to keep it since I really do love it!:heart:

    I think I am grappling with the high cost of this bag, and wondering if it's worth it for a patent leather bag since patent isn't really year round, is it?

    My denim spy is due to arrive tomorrow, so I'll see how I feel then. I'm not sure if I will be keeping both or not. I am feeling a bit gluttunous at the thought of keeping both! (although I have been selling off most of my bag collection to fund this new spy obsession so at least I'm not going bankrupt.:P)
  7. I think patent can be year round, my worry with it is that it seems like it has been in for quite a while, so maybe it is going to be "out" for a few years... who knows, though.
  8. I also like the somewhat stiffer leather of 07!! I think they give the bag dimensions. I have never been a real fan of the patent leather, but i see what you mean by wanting something a little differant. Honestly i prefer the patent over the denim spy. But that is just my opinion. Let us know what you decide :smile: Good luck
  9. Yes, I think I prefer patent over denim as well.
  10. I'm thinking of the denim as my casual, wear with jeans on the weekend bag. Not that other spies aren't great for wearing with jeans, but it would strictly be a "dress-down" bag for me. I'll see what it's like when it comes though.

    Decisions, decisions!
  11. In my opinion, it's a keeper. It is such a stand out piece in the Fendi collection. I am sure you will be expanding your collection. I think this is a very "statement" bag. Pardon my choice of words, there's a reason I'm not doing a course that replies on a good command of the language...
  12. I LOVE it - wow
  13. Yay, I'm glad some other people love it too. :P

    It has totally grown on me. Once I stuffed it full of my stuff, it took on the slouchy shape I love so much. I tried it on with my patent heels, and it looked soooo good. And a friend of mine whose taste I trust implicitly told me she wears patent year-round, so I'm not thinking of it as a strictly summer bag. I have decided it's a keeper. I think I was mostly grappling with the cost because I paid full retail for it, and I don't usually pay full retail :shame: but I've decided it's well worth it, and definitely a stand-out piece like someone else said.

    Thanks for your comments. :heart:
  14. Sounds like you really love her so I would keep her. I agree with your friend - I don't see patent leather being summer only. Your spy probably looks HOT when paired with matching heels. Congrats!
  15. Wow it is beautiful.