My New Patent Salmon ZC!

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  1. Hello Ladies- I present my salmon pink patent zc. It's very similar to the wallet I was previously using (a Cole Haan). I really like it! I especially love the color; I can immediately spot it in any bag :yes:

    I haven't figured out how/what to use the front pockets for. I keep my change inside the zippered pocket. It's cute though.

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  2. Lovely Judie!!!! Congrats! That color is amazing!

    I never really use the front pockets on mine...I'm interested to know if others use them! :yes:
  3. Judie, she is so beautiful! That color patent is TDF.
  4. Never use the front pockets on mine, either!! Love yours!
  5. Thank you dawn71675 and JAP4life! I wasn't planning on getting the patent but when I went to NM to check out all the zcs they had, the patent ones were the only ones that they had that came with silver hardware. They didn't even have them in stock, so I had to take a risk. A friend was also checking them out and she also prefers the silver hardware, so she ordered one in black and I got the salmon pink.

    The black patent looks very sharp and chic. Initially I was worried about the light color and getting stains on it but my SA said to let him know if there happened to be any transfers and he'd take care of it. I'm just going to enjoy it!

  6. Thanks Muggles! I wasn't sure if the MJ experts had a secret use for those pockets :P
  7. looks great! congrats!

    i keep a folded up political cartoon that i tore out of usa today in one of the front pockets. i love the message and i don't know where else to keep it. other than that, i don't use 'em.
  8. So pretty!!
  9. Love it! Congrats!

    I never use the front pockets in my zc. I keep my change in the zip pocket in front as well.
  10. Ms JudyH that is SO PRETTY! Color is so viberant. LOVES IT! I never use the front pocket either... don't want them out of shape. LOL
  11. Beautiful ZC! I never thought about this when considering a bright ZC! :lol: congrats on your purchase. I swear, if NM keeps having sales like these, it will be the death of me (or rather, my bank account!)
  12. Love love love that color!:love:
  13. Great color, love that it can be easily spotted in your purse!
  14. Judie, that's gorgeous! In patent too! :woohoo:

  15. I ADORE that salmon pink patent Judie! Gorgeous ZC, Congrats!!!!!!

    one of my four yr old twins has motion sickness (and we travel by car a lot) I keep his pills in one of the front pockets of my ZC, LOL! :yucky: