My New patent coin purses and Perfume cosmetic bag (adorable)

  1. [​IMG]

    I am not sure about the patent coin purses although they are pretty but they do not look good with any of my bags. The cosmetic bag is adorable and I love it. I also got a pair of Jana shoes and I have to go down a 1/2 size because they are too big. I should have listened to my SA when he told me to order two sizes. Anyway he ordered me a new pair and they feel comfortable.
  2. I love the style of the makeup bag....make a mental note!!
  3. they are all adorable!! congrats!
  4. Those are so darling! I love them all.
  5. I love that perfume cosmetic bag! It is too adorable!
  6. OMG we ordered the same coin purses!! Thats sooo funny. But now I want to buy the white and mahogany to complete the collection. Enjoy them.
  7. Did you have to order the Cosmetic Bag? I don't see it in the catalog, can it be seen on the web site...Thanks
  8. wow great taste. how much is the makeup bag?
  9. Janfill, that cosmetic bag is really cute! I love the print and everything. As for the patent coin purses, those colors seem to be THE colors to get. Nice purchases. :yes:
  10. Details darling....what is the item number and the cost on the cosmetic case?
    Too cute. I wonder if that then is the fabric for the lining of those bags that will have the perfume lining?
  11. Yes! I'd like to know the item number and price on the perfume print case too! I think that's a great idea, dawnya, to use the perfume print as a lining! That would be so cute maybe in something like a gallery tote? Maybe a patent leather one? Then hang one of those adorable little coin purses off it?? Oh, just cute!!

    ETA: or are there already bags that are supposed to have the lining? Which ones??
  12. SO cute! Congrats!
  13. i really like that cosmetic bag!! it is tooo adorable
  14. Thank you everyone for the nice compliments.

    The cosmetic bag is not showing up because I do believe it will be coming out when the perfume does. Item number 40522 and cost $128 My store had them on the 23rd and passed but had to get it. I think they are suppose to have a tote, scarf and some other handbag. I just liked the cosmetic bag. YOu can order it now through your stores and their look books should have all the perfume items in them to see if you go into the store.
  15. Adorable! Congrats!!