My New Patent Cobalt Ashley with some new friends (PICS)

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  1. I thought I would share some of the things I purchased on the Factory Online sale. I got the Patent Large Cobalt Ashley, Large Lynne in Saffron, Signature Optic wristlet in plum, Embossed wristlet in gunmetal and matching medium wallet. I also got the Orange keyfob from ebay as well as the Patent kiss lock coin purse.
    Here they are::::biggrin:



  2. Congratz! Love your new haul :biggrin:
  3. Very pretty!!! I really like the Gunmetal wallet and fruit coin purse! I love the scarf!...I have the same one and it is one of my favorites! Enjoy!
  4. Thanks and that is my fav scarf too:P
  5. Thanks!
  6. Great purchases. I'm anxious to see what the patent Ashleys looks like in real life.
  7. how do you love the Ashley bag? i recently got a Sabrina and i lover her to death! ...being able to carry her on the crook of my arm and as a shoulder bag is the best! i'm thinking about checking out the Ashley but the nearest outlet is 2 hours away! what color is the interior? and does the Ashley only come in patent leather?
  8. PRETTY! Nice buys. Congrats :smile:
  9. Very nice, love the orange!
  10. I love the Ashley. I too also have a Sabrina but the smaller one. This Ashley is the large and she holds ALOT!! When I was on the website for the factory sale, the Large Ashley came in only 2 patents and the rest were the brown (walnut maybe) leather, pink leather, black leather, and siggy. Oh and the interior is nothing special, its the lavender :smile:
  11. Congrats on all your new finds!!
    I really like the Gunmetal Embossed C medium wallet and wristlet!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  12. Congrats and thanks for the pics - I was waiting for your reveal :smile:

    Does the cobalt look as dark as in your pic...or is it a little brighter blue in person?
  13. Love your new purchases, especially the cobalt Ashley and the 2 wristlets. Enjoy them all!
  14. much are the Ashley running price wise at the outlets?
  15. Awesome! Congrats