My new patchwork Swing Pack!

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  1. I managed to get my hands on the patchwork swingpack! The SA's at the coach boutique wouldn't budge on the new stuff. I think it is really cute but I don't know if I will keep it. I really like the patchwork, but I may get it in a bigger bag so I can carry it more:graucho:

    Macy's and Dillard's had all their new stuff out. I really liked the patchwork satchel type bag..

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  2. Oh my gawd I LOVE it! I'm going to Macy's this weekend...does it come in the blue patchwork too?
  3. COOL! That's really pretty! How did you "SWING" that?!?! :PDid they have the Denim Patchwork Swingpack, too? What is the style number? I like that one cuz it won't show dirt and you probably won't have to worry about color transfer like you would with the denim! Great bag!
  4. I actually bought this one at the boutique but I only got it because I saw someone else buying one and I asked if I could have one too. They said they could only get me the swing pack, nothing else until tomorrow. I didnt see it in the indigo at either Macy's or Dillards.

    Now, I have never bought a swing pack before. Do they come with the dust bag? Mine didn't come with one, but they were just getting ready to close so I wonder if they forgot it?

    OH! and the style number is 10818 !
  5. I :heart: the new patchwork!
  6. I love that print!! Its so cute!!
  7. Very cute!