My new parker bags - PICS

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  1. My 2 new parker bags arrived today. The kisslock in black/silver and the hobo $358 in sand/silver. I have included a photo of my things in the bag that I carry daily, including the baby wipes! The hobo is surprisingly large, it fits more than the kisslock when I put my things in it, the kisslock is at capacity, the hobo has a bit more room. There is no more room in the kisslock for anything else, the hobo still has more room and the magnetic stud closes easily. For comfort, the hobo is actually more comfortable too as it has the one strap, but both straps are soft and comfortable. The leather is soft. Not sure yet if I am in love with them but I think they are quite a classic style IRL so I don't think I will tire of them as easily as I do some of my other bags. I think they will be a great everyday bag.

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  2. I forgot to include this photo

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  3. Very cute!!!! Congrats!!!
  4. You sure look fit, tanned, and beautiful modeling your new Parkers! Congrats. I thought I saw a purple Parker at the outlet, I picked it up and it was small, I don't know what it was really.
  5. Thanks LAtiero85 and oopsididitagain, we are in summer here and 40 degrees, hence the tan. I think the purple you saw may have been the hobo, it does look small, that's why I am so surprised by what it fits inside. I think it will take a while for me to warm to them still, but they are growing on me. I think I am just used to a more statement bag, and these certainly don't shout at me, but I think they are still very nice.
  6. Both of those bags are beautiful! I especially love the hobo. They look so soft and luscious, and they look great on you! Congrats :smile:
  7. I saw these last weekend at Bloomingdales. I really like this style :tup:
  8. I really like the black bag, could you tell me the style number and price, and do you know what other colors they will have this one in?

    THey both look very nice, are those nappa leather? Congratulations on your new bags!!!
  9. Thanks KaliDaisy, fluffy614 and coachmommyofmin, the style number of the black bag is 13437, it comes in sand/silver, black/silver, violet/brass and B4/WE (not sure what this is, maybe yellow).
  10. Congrats! They look great on you. :tup:
  11. gorgeous!

  12. The B4/WE is the brass/pale yellow. Love your new bags!!
  13. I've heard mention of a cinnamon this maybe it pictured with the yellow? I would love the hobo style in this brown color.

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  14. Your right these are simple and classic styles that are timeless. They both are beautiful and look great on you!!!