My new Paris-Biarritz Large Tote

  1. Pictures aren't that great, taken in a hurry-- sorry:sad:
    Paris-Biarritz Chanel Handbag.jpg Paris-Biarritz Chanel Handbag (2).jpg Paris-Biarritz Chanel Handbag (3).jpg Paris-Biarritz Chanel Handbag (4).jpg
  2. Very nice.
  3. Lucky you! I have been waiting to see a picture of this bag!
  4. Jill where are you?????? Here are the pics--
    You must be on the phone ordering the bag - LOL
  5. this is your day. Congrats on the watch and the bag!
  6. Thanks-- the bag came on Monday I just have not had time to post pics--
    I am on Chanel OVERLOAD-- my head is spinning!!!:yahoo:
  7. Thanks everyone--
    The P-B is different, but it looks classy IRL- a very nice roomy bag.
  8. Lucky girl!! I just saw your watch. Wow and wow!!! Beautiful bag!
  9. Oh I love it!!
  10. It's beautiful!

    Is it really not leather on the bottom? It looks like leather, but I was told it wasn't?
  11. Gorgeous!!! Congrats!!!
  12. Penny, if you get a chance, could you model this for us? Gorgeous piece!
  13. Ok Penny..what was the price and would you mind giving me the measuremts??THANKS!!!
  14. Congrats!
  15. Thanks Stacey! This would be a great bag for someone like yourself to carry, since you have the two girls. It will hold lots of stuff!!