My new (parchment) Carly *pics!!*

  1. I went in the Coach store to buy another brown pebbled leather swing pack..I bought one for my girlfriend for MOM saw it and she LOVED it!! So I went in to pick one up for her and asked to see the Carly bag...It was one of the few things that caught my eye in the latest catalogue..I have to say...I saw all the colors in all sizes...IMO the signature line takes away from the true style of the bag....The 'C's" are very large and distracting....But I'm not one for logo anyway...I immediately preferred the large when compared to the medium..The larger size truly becomes the bag...Very classic. very slick...Of course I Loved the black...But I have so many black bags..I was instantly drawn to the parchment...The combination of the parchement vachetta leather/brown/ brass hardware is really an eye catcher...Really classy...Very very nice...The lining in the black bag is like a gold/green color..almost 'olive' in a certain light...The inside of my bag is a beautiful sky blue..The camel bag was nice...But a little too camel..I thought it would have been nicer if they used a darker leather to accent the bag...But still nice in the larger size...Didn't look inside the bag to note the lining as I was trying to decide over the parchment or the black...I took pics but am not a professional...Let me know what you think...Again this bag is to die for (in the large size!!! the smaller size doesn't show off the style of the bag as the big mama....!!):heart: Emmy
    CARLY 010.jpg CARLY 011.jpg CARLY 013.jpg CARLY 014.jpg CARLY 022.jpg
  2. oh good god !!!!

    thats look sooooooooo pretty !
    The carly looks different on the website ,why is that ?

    Cha Cha
  3. niceeee niceee......

    me likes =]
  4. Very NICE!

  5. ^Thanx!! You know I think all the bags on the website look plastic and stiff...I like to look in the catalogues when they come..The bags look 'real' and you can get a better idea how they look IRL...I was just on the Coach website looking at that ...Also trying to figure out which wallet to use..I have a chocolate brown Guccissima wallet that would go nicely..But I like accessories to match..ANd there are no 'parchment' accessories...I LOVE my Marc Jacobs wallet..But it's black..Maybe I can find another..?? Thanx for the compliments!! :heart: Emmy
  6. oh my world ! your sooooooooo true !

    maybe the website should have pictures of all their bags with real women !

    your a troublemaker & now im itching to see this bag at my coach store ,lol

    Your fan,
    Cha Cha
  7. Emmy,

    Could you please take a pic of your bag on your shoulder? Does it fit comfortably on your shoulder, or will it have a tendency to slide off?
  8. Emmy:

    I saw the bag in sore today for the first time and it is TDF!!! I am in love with it but will have to wait a few weeks before I get another. DH may kill me if I do.

    But it looks awesome on you!

  9. good idea ,sunset !

    i second that request ,please.

  10. The bag is SO comfortable..It is extremely light and truly am amazed that I bought it!! I totally wasn't planning on it but when I saw it I just couldn't resist!!! here are a few more pics...Oh and it doesn't slide off your shoulder...The bag is large enough that you can tuck it in to your body and it will stay....:heart: Emmy
    CARLY 001.jpg CARLY 002.jpg CARLY 003.jpg CARLY 006.jpg CARLY 004.jpg
  11. Beautiful!
  12. Emmy,

    Thank you so much for taking the extra pics. It's beautiful. The reason why I asked is because I have the Large Soho Signature Hobo. It always slides off my shoulder. I don't want the Carly to do the same thing. If I get it, it would be the small. The large is too big for me.
  13. Don't shy away from big bags b/c you are small...There was the cutest little SA in the store tonight that helped me...SHe was adorable so I went right over to her so she would get the sale....She was in love with the large black Carly....She was holding it while I was trying on the parchment and switching back and forth trying to decide....She was short...MAYBE 5' w/ shoes on..Probably not though...and very petite..The bag looked fantastic on her!!! Did you try it on? :heart: Emmy
  14. love it, congrats!
  15. Emmy,

    Unfortunately, I don't live anywhere near a Coach or department store. I'm trying to decide by what other people say and pics. I'm 5'8. I don't like large bags. The 15 3/4, as in the Soho Hobo, is as large as I will go.

    I've been leaning more toward the Pebbled Leather Hamptons Satchel in medium. This type of bag has always been my first love in regard to bags. If you happened to see it at the store, would you say the camel is light, medium or dark. It's hard to really tell from the catalog and web site.