My new Papillon.

  1. Finally got around to posting a pic. This is my new papillon - Peppi. She is a three year old "retired" show dog/mother. She's settling in well and is good friends already with the three ragdoll cats ( who looked at her and thought "oh a dog" and went back to sleep:p)
    IMGP2107.jpg IMGP2111.jpg
  2. Oh congrats! :tup: She's GORGEOUS :heart: I love Papillons, such cuties with great tempers :nuts:

    Of course, you shouldn't expect anything more from your Rags :roflmfao: They're the most placid animals ever :roflmfao: Seriously, mine gets overexcited when looking at the birds outside, but when there's a mouse INSIDE the house running around him, he'll just roll over and fall asleep :rolleyes:

    I guess Peppi will adjust quickly to your household :smile:
  3. Peppi's a cutie!
  4. Oh she is sooooo cute! I :heart::heart: Papillon's. My SO says thats gonna be our next dog lol.
  5. so cute.
  6. such a cutie and I love her name.
  7. She's beautiful congrats!!!
  8. Oh, she is so sweet. What a great addition to your family.
  9. Omg!! She's so cuteee!! Congratulations!!
  10. Congrats! She's so cute!
  11. Beautiful! Papillion is my favourite breed of dogs and yours look like a jewel among those. :tup:
  12. Cutie.
  13. Thanks everyone.
    They are not very common here and people call her a long haired chihuahua!
  14. What a cutie...congrats!
  15. Goodness, Peppi is adorable! I've never seen a Papillon before. It's wonderful she and your cats are adjusting to each other too!