my *NEW* papillon 26/MC wapity **PICS**(also family portrait)

  1. I just purchased a Papillon 26 and MC wapity. I :heart: them both. The MC wapity is perfect for my lipgloss, cell phone, and credit card :tup: The papillon 26 is great when i do not need to carry much

    also pics of my LV family so far. It been about 4 months since my obsession with LV & TPF started and it is only getting worse :graucho:

    heres pics




    my collection since joining TPF =)

    oh a little GUCCI on the side (i got on vacation in Taipei 101 -Taiwan tallest building in the world)

    what should i get next?

  2. Lovely, your MC wapity makes me want one too~~~ MUST resist, lolz~! Congratz~
  3. Awesome collection for a 4 mth collector!!.. Papillion is getting to me.. Im feeling it...
    Is that u with the blue jeans hermes?..
  4. Great collection!
  5. Love the two new purchases!!!! They look great with their new family!

    The Gucci doesn't look bad either. ;)
  6. That papillon looks GREAT on you! It fits you perfect! Congrats!
  7. awesome collection!! love the mc wapity!
  8. Gorgeous, and they look great on you, too. Great collection for such short collecting time, you have a few nice essentials and a mix of the best lines, well done! :tup:
  9. cute, congrats!

    i love your avatar too, is that you? stylish pic ;)
  10. Congrats!! Great collection!
  11. I have the same color combo on my wapity!
  12. great collection, thanks for sharing!!
  13. Lovely choices congrats!
  14. i want the wapity! Congrats =)
  15. Congratulations.