My new Palais Royal Wristlets in Black and Lilac! *pics*

  1. Here are my Palais Royal Wristlets in Black and Lilac! The wrist strap is detachable, but it fits neatly inside the bag, too, in case you want to leave it attached as an option. The bag can hold a good bit for its size, though, so I imagine it could get pretty heavy on the wrist if you've got it full (I don't intend to use the strap very often).

    When I went in to pick up the Black clutch (as an exchange for the larger Cosmetic/Clutch bag I received for Christmas) I was really torn between Black and the Lilac color but I wanted this to be my go-to clutch for a while and knew I'd get more use overall out of the Black. Then I loved carrying it so much on New Year's Eve that I went back and picked up the Lilac, too, as a touch of color (especially in warmer months) for my predominantly black wardrobe. I'm still deciding on whether I will end up keeping the Lilac.

    It's a great little bag that I highly recommend. The distressed leather is fantastic and resists stains and liquids so it's very low maintenance. It's roomy enough to throw a number of smaller items in there without overstuffing it or having to arrange everything perfectly just to get it all to fit. I had my camera, Treo, a little LV Cles, compact and lipstick in it with room to spare.

    The first picture truly represents how the Lilac color appears in person. The lighting in the second picture threw the color off a bit.
    dsc01323.jpg dsc01349.jpg dsc01341.jpg dsc01340.jpg dsc01350.jpg
  2. ^^They're both so lovely!! I especially love that Lilac one. I've been wanting one in the Midnight blue color...yours pics may have solidified this for me!! Congrats and thanks for posting such great pics of them!! :tup:
  3. Congrats! They're both very pretty but although the black gets my attention more than the lilac! :p
  4. I love them both!!! Gorgeous!! Congrats!
  5. Wow, those are so cute! I love the way they look with the strap tucked inside - such a classy clutch... Congratulations on them both!
  6. That's amazing, I love both!
  7. Thanks, everyone! This clutch is exactly what I was looking for in both function and appearance so I'm pretty happy.

    The Black is my first love, too, and the Lilac would be to have some variety and options if I find myself carrying this bag quite a lot. The Lilac keeps going in and out of availability on the Saks website, which is why I just wanted to grab it now since it's my favorite of the non-Black colors. I figure I can take some time deciding and then return it if I conclude I don't need both rather than regret not getting it if I were to have trouble finding it later.
  8. that lilac color is gorgeous! are there other styles in that color??
  9. Supposedly, the Jackie and the Maureen should be available in Lilac, too, but I've only seen the Wristlet. They used to have the Maureen at in Black and Nordie's has the Jackie in Midnight, but I haven't even come across either bag anywhere else.




  10. that second one would be a knockout in lilac!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I saw those at Saks and I think they're so cute. Congrats!
  12. So pretty! I love the lilac.
  13. those are both so pretty...congrats shazam!!

    jun...they have black, lilac and another color (i think red?) in the maureen tote at neiman's in sf...
    on the marc website, it says they are continuing the style for spring/summer...
    i'd love it in a brighter color...
  14. Oh congratulations!!! I fell in love with the Lilac when I saw it on Seeing your pictures just makes me want it more. I think it would be perfect spring/summer.
  15. ^ I tried on Maureen if I'm not mistaken in Lilac at NM and it was pretty although I don't recall the straps being that long. :wondering