My new pair of shoes =)

  1. congrats!
  2. Those are beautiful...congratulations!!!
  3. congrats, i love the red, they look great!
  4. oh this is soo beautiful!!! congrats!!!
  5. Very sexy! Are they comfortable and easy to walk in?
  6. thanks everybody...

    yeah they are pretty easy for me to walk in....then again i'm usually in heels that are at least 4 in. high.
  7. very nice!! congrats :heart:
  8. very pretty bag!! so sweet :heart:
  9. congrats!:yahoo:
  10. Congrats..those look hot on you!!
  11. Hot shoes!!
  12. they're gorgeous! Congrats!!!! If you don't mind me asking how much??? I want a pair!!!
  13. So pretty- Congratulations
  14. You look fabulous in them! They were made for you! :yes: