My new painting!

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  1. Just wanted to share my new painting. So excited! And my Betty had to be in the pic too! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1395369196.359384.jpg
  2. Cool pic! Tell me all about it!!!:biggrin:Is this your bag? Did you commission it? Would love to hear all about it!:flowers:
  3. very nice painting. :smile:
  4. Love it! But Betty really steals the show!

  5. I actually came across it at a furniture store called ZGallerie. I had to have it! I was surprised to find it!

  6. Wow, the B in the pic looks just like yours - what fun!! Love the pic, but must agree that Betty really steals the show!!
  7. It does look like your B..what a pretty painting indeed!
  8. awesome! i love zgallerie!
  9. Lovely picture n betty
  10. Thanks! Now I have to find a coordinating bedspread...
  11. What a cute puppy! And love your painting :smile:
  12. That is so cool!!! Your birkin is a star, but sweet Betty steals the spotlight! She is precious!!
  13. Very cool!
  14. So cool. Not only can you dream of the Bs when you go to bed but you can actually see one when you wake up. You truly is an H fan. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Lovely painting